What's the essential
GOOD for, essentially?

The most versatile back-up power solution

Energy storage

We all need to be energy smarter and not repeat the same mistakes of the fossil fuel industry. Increasing clean energy through battery storage means you use more of the energy you create. Energy storage has become a critical part of our everyday lives at home and work. Battery storage is a critical element of power generation. The Essential battery is stored in a robust box with standardised battery box sizing, enabling ease of installation that is adaptable to your current battery needs.


The Essential battery is a winning product to replacing your lead-acid battery technology with an efficient, high quality and premium performance lithium battery. Deep cycle and high temperature adjusted technology will support in even the most remote and demanding environments.

Commercial and Industrial back-up

Large or small, your requirements can be supported by the Essential battery. Our patented compression technology means the battery can be serviced and upgraded to suit the changing needs of your business. Used to power IT, motors and drives or even material handling, the Essential battery is adaptable to you.


The Essential battery is designed to power all your adventures so you can have access to a power supply whenever you need it - even on the move. The Essential battery is even compatible with all your typical battery applications so can act as an easy replacement for lead-acid, AGM or Gel batteries.


Micro or mini-grids require robust back-up systems with excellent charge, deep discharge and cycle capabilities. When supporting multiple sites, machines or households, the quality of your off-grid system is of utmost importance. The Essential battery can be easily installed in multiple banks to support this need. Added intelligence and battery monitoring can also help with Partial State of Charge (PSoC), cycle management and predictive life expectancy to advance your battery solutions.

uninterruptible power supplies

The UPS market is ever changing as we grow our demand for 100% up time. The Essential battery can provide the peace of mind needed to remain connected all the time. The Essential battery can act as an extension to your existing systems and would be an asset for small business, retail and commercial applications including IT.