What's the offgen
designed for?

All-in-one energy storage solution

home Energy storage

We all need to be energy smart, increasing clean energy usage through battery storage means you can use the energy you create. By storing your own energy you can have greater grid independence protecting yourself from rising energy prices.

Self consumption: In line with empowering communities the Offgen can be used to entirely power homes with clean solar energy for off-grid homes.

commercial and industrial back-up

The Offgen is modular it can be stacked to increase energy storage capabilities to meet your commercial or industrial needs. The patented battery technology of our lithium-ion batteries means your storage capacity can be easily upgraded.

Back-up power: store emergency power to feed critical loads within your home or commercial space.

Grid services

Remote battery monitoring means the Offgen can be managed across multiple units in different locations, creating a virtual power plant for energy providers to manage. The robust back-up systems with excellent charge capacity would create a reliable network of clean-energy-powered households, independent of the fluctuating grid system.

Grid Export: The Offgen allows you to supply excess energy automatically or on-demand to supplement the national grid with cleaner energy.