12V 12Ah
Solaron Battery

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12V 12Ah Solaron battery by Aceleron

Simplifying energy accessibility

The Solaron battery is suitable for off-grid solar and energy storage products specifically designed for emerging markets. Our unique battery technology means the Solaron can be fully upgraded to a 20Ah capacity in the same compact design to suit other battery storage needs.

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Aceleron empowering communities

Empowering communities

The Solaron battery exists in two forms, as first-life and also second-life battery pack which increases the affordability of high quality lithium-ion technology and allows energy to be provided in a Pay-As-You-Go model. Empowering more households in emerging communities by providing a regular electricity supply at an affordable price.

Predictive Intelligence

The Solaron battery contains a built in battery management system which enables remote monitoring. This gives distributors and installers insight into the battery’s health, performance and cycle life. This is particularly beneficial for large scale distribution of battery packs under a Pay-As-You-Go model.

Solaron predictive intelligence
Solaron extended lifespan

Extended Lifespan

Typical battery storage solutions have high replacement rates which can be costly for users. The Solaron battery is designed to have fewer components to fit into a single box. A compact design for maximum durability ensures endurance against harsh environments and everyday wear and tear. Our patented battery technology means our batteries are easily repaired, contributing to an extended service life.

long life

Solaron battery

Solaron in details

The Solaron batteries are packed with features to ensure optimum performance, safety and reliability.

Resilient and robust

The Solaron is made of durable materials to protect it in harsh environments

Remote battery monitoring

Fitted with predictive intelligence systems to relay performance data back to customers and distributors for forecasting battery service

Environmentally friendly

We promise to reuse or recycle every battery that is returned to us. No exceptions!

Capacity building

We train engineers in-country to test, build and manage our batteries so we can deliver to standard in all our markets

Made in the UK

Designed with passion, built with care in the UK

PAYGo capable

The Solaron can be manufactured using first-life or second-life cells increasing the affordability of high quality lithium performance

Extended Lifespan and ROI

The serviceability of our battery platform means the Solaron has a longer life - up to 5000 cycles


1.2 kg, which is less than half of the weight of a lead-acid battery solution.

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