What's the Solaron
best suited for?

The most flexible back-up power solution

Home Energy storage

Access to a reliable electricity grid system is not a basic right in some countries. Insufficient infrastructure is often the main cause of an unreliable grid and for rural communities, often a lack of a grid system entirely makes electricity access unachievable. The Solaron battery pack provides a solution that enables people to claim their energy independence. Compatible with solar home storage systems, the Solaron provides a solution to drive positive change through energy access - providing enough energy to power LED light bulbs, a small TV and charge 2 phones all at once.


The Solaron battery is built for off-grid electricity generation for whole communities, suiting the energy distribution network of small-scale electricity generation. Mini Grids require robust back-up systems with excellent charge, deep discharge and cycle capabilities. When supporting multiple sites, machines or households, the quality of your off grid system is of utmost importance. The Solaron battery can be easily installed in multiple banks to support this need. Management through remote battery monitoring can also help with Partial State of Charge (PSoC), cycle management and predictive life expectancy to advance your battery fleet.


The flexibility of the Solaron battery enables OEM’s to utilise a compact, high performing battery as a ‘part product’ in applications such as UPS, energy back-up and home energy storage. Our intelligent battery management system paired with remote battery monitoring gives OEM's ability to offer more capable products/systems to their customers ensuring data around the battery performance is available.