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We provide a range of custom battery services

Our engineers work hard to understand every part of the battery from the individual cells to the battery management system. Their experience and knowledge has allowed the development of a comprehensive range of commercial testing and services fully personalised to our clients needs.

battery testing


Our experience with battery technology has enabled the development of comprehensive battery testing capabilities at affordable rates. We offer commercial testing of individual cells, battery modules and battery packs to include:

• Battery Cell/ Module Verification tests
• State of Health Analysis
• Safety Discharge
• Ageing/ Accelerated Life Cycle Tests. 

Battery repurposing

Aceleron is advancing research into ‘end-of-life’ battery cell and module repurposing. We offer immediate reuse opportunities for your waste battery packs to help reduce your emissions impact. Aceleron is working alongside government and research bodies through initiatives such as Project Valuable (Innovate UK) and Horizon 2020 (EU Joint Research Commission), accelerating our mission to guarantee worldwide positive social impact. 

In emerging markets we train engineers to carry out our testing processes, building capabilities in regions which have typically not received significant investment. We are looking to drive greater electrification in these markets through the use of Energy Storage as a Service (ESaaS).

Battery repurposing in Kenya
Bespoke services

Bespoke services

We only use Aceleron certified engineers to manage our testing centres. Our customers can put their trust in us as we perform custom battery tests that gives flexibility to tailor testing to your specific requirements. Under our simulated test conditions we are able to create comparative assessments of cell performance that are equivalent to real world uses. Allowing us to simulate a battery test that will match your typical battery behaviour.

intelligent battery monitoring

Our intelligent battery management can be used remotely to access information on the health of our battery packs. Enabling early repair forecasting and increasing the ability to anticipate battery maintenance accordingly. Our advanced communication features can be implemented with our range of products, giving our customers peace of mind in their energy supply.

Intelligent battery monitoring
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