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The OFFGEN is an all-in-one energy storage solution for residential or commercial use. With its built-in solar inverter, power management system and lithium-ion batteries, this solution is everything you need to take control of your energy. The solution utilises Aceleron’s unique CircaTM lithium-ion battery platform. Designed with true sustainability in mind, these batteries can provide a 20+ year service-backed lifespan to match your solar PV investment and save money with their lower whole life cost*. The OFFGEN is not just a battery, it’s the ability to produce, store and use your own clean energy.

Claim your energy independence!

*Aceleron Circa batteries are designed to facilitate servicing and upgrades as they age instead of costly and wasteful replacements. This process is taken care of hassle-free by your solar PV provider. Circa is not just a battery. Its energy storage for life.

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This all in one solution with integrated solar, inverter and battery systems is easy to install in any of these 3 configurations:

DC/Solar Coupled: The system is connected directly to a solar system. Ideal for first-time renewable energy installations, reducing cost by removing the need for additional components. Everything you need is inside the OFFGEN.

AC Coupled: The system is connected via existing AC circuitry. This is perfect for adding battery storage to existing solar installations and is as hassle-free to integrate as a home appliance.*

UPS Mode: The system works without solar to protect against power outages or provide smooth power for sensitive equipment. It is an excellent alternative to noisy home generators, which require frequent servicing and incur high fuel costs.

*This refers to hardwired appliances, which require a trained professional.

“Aceleron designed a battery system for us which has enabled us to reach a market dominant position within Barbados and the Caribbean. Thanks Aceleron!”

– Vancourt Rouse, Managing Director

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UN3480 (CLASS 9)
UN38.3, RoHS


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