Ashley Mikkola

Fullstack Software Developer

Ashley dreams of bringing the data to the masses. She helps to ensure that all the raw data relating to the maintenance, performance, and manufacture of Aceleron’s battery products are communicated clearly and effectively through the mediums of JavaScript applications and consumer facing software. Ashley unexpectedly has a BA in International Political Economy from Carthage College, USA and an MA in Translation Studies from the University of Portsmouth, UK, she also conducted postgraduate studies in International Comparative Sociology at CAU Kiel in Germany. Ashley took up programming languages after working in a translation agency with human languages thanks in part to many organisations including Code First Girls, 23 Code Street and Wild Code School.

When she’s not at Aceleron: Ashley enjoys spending time hiking and camping in nature and trying to grow various vegetables for her personal consumption. During the winter Ashley drinks hot beverages and impatiently waits for spring.

What you don’t know: Ashley once donated her left kidney to a stranger. She did not receive thousands for it… as far as we are aware.

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