Christian Rengifo

Battery Management Systems Engineer

Christian's role involves cell and pack testing, fault-finding, diagnosis, battery design and assembly, and R&D.

Christian is originally from Colombia and holds a BSc in Aerospace Engineering with MSc in UAV Design. Christian has experience in battery design, assembly, testing, integration and diagnosis of BMS as well as in managing a battery department.

Known within the Aceleron team as the walking drone due his love of the remote-controlled devices, Christian brings a lot of character to the technical team with a solid approach to creative thinking and problem solving. Christian is also a huge fan of the classic popular culture movies like Star Wars, Back to the Future and others.

When he’s not at Aceleron: Christian enjoys movies, drones, Arduino, the environment, hiking; sports: football, basketball and table tennis.

What you don’t know: Christian has flown both a plane and a glider.

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