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8kWh Offgen energy storage system

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The Offgen is our all-in-one energy storage solution for residential or commercial use. With increasing renewable energy access from solar PV, it now makes more sense to use all the energy you produce. Especially as feed-in tariffs are decreasing globally. The Offgen promotes cleaner energy whilst giving you greater grid independence.

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all-in-one energy storage solution

All-in-one solution

All the components you need to begin your clean energy storage journey are contained within the Offgen. With its built-in solar inverter, battery management system and lithium-ion batteries, this one box solution is everything you need to produce, store and use your own electricity.

Become Energy Independent

Experience the freedom of choice when it comes to how you power your life. With the Offgen, you are no longer at the mercy of utility companies or susceptible to fluctuating energy prices. The Offgen allows you to monitor your electricity usage in real-time, giving you control of when and how you use your energy. There is truly no better way to become energy independent.

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peace of mind

Peace of mind

With the Offgen you have greater energy security and resilience in the face of extreme weather or power outages, offering you one less thing to worry about. At Aceleron we are committed to sustainability, helping to reduce your emissions footprint and protect future environments - offering peace of mind for your future.


Offgen details

The OFFGEN system is packed with features to ensure optimum performance, safety and reliability.

Remote battery monitoring

Can also be fitted with predictive intelligence systems to relay real-time performance data back to customers and Energy Providers enabling optimum performance.

Extended lifespan

We set out to make an energy storage system that would match your solar PV investment. Unlike other energy storage solutions the Offgen is serviceable contributing to its extended lifespan.

Made in the UK

Designed by Aceleron’s engineering team in the UK and manufactured at our partner site in Yorkshire.

System modes

The Offgen is versatile and can be installed AC coupled and DC coupled. It includes options to select Self Consumption, Peak Shaving, UPS modes and more.

All-in-one solution

Our one box solution makes the Offgen installation a stress free experience 


Our sleek one box solution is also weatherproof so can be installed outside your property.

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8 kWh system
OFFGEN for the Caribbean

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