Aceleron batteries used in 100% Electric All-Terrain Vehicles in partnership with Eco Charger.

Aceleron are using innovative circular economy batteries in a new range of electric ATVs.

Aceleron batteries used in 100% Electric All-Terrain Vehicles in partnership with Eco Charger.

We have partnered with Eco Charger to deliver high-performing lithium batteries for Eco Charger’s new electric all-terrain vehicles. The Active 72V 22.5Ah battery will replace lead-acid batteries in their new 100% electric e-mobility range.

Jon Hourihan, Eco Charger’s CEO, “By choice or by law all industries will soon have to decarbonise. Aceleron’s batteries demonstrate that tailored engineering can provide low-carbon solutions across all e-mobility scenarios.” 

The Active lithium battery, made in the UK, offers several benefits for the e-mobility market. At only 11kg, the battery is a lightweight solution offering higher energy density in the same familiar shape. In addition, the circularity of our battery platform means the Active battery is serviceable, upgradeable and reusable. 

Our battery technology allows us to solve two key industry problems at once:

1.    Decarbonisation of transport.

2.    Mounting problem of waste from EVs.

Transport is the largest emitter of UK carbon emissions. To combat this, the International Energy Agency (IEA) Global EV outlook estimated there will be 44 million new electric vehicles on the road every year by 2040. This is positive for decarbonisation but raises a new sustainability issue – waste. Estimates suggest this influx of EVs on the road could result in 22 million cubic metres of battery waste by 2040 - that's enough to fill up Wembley Stadium 20 times over!

Battery waste infographic - EV battery waste could result in 22 million cubic meters by 2040

Our battery solution is tackling this issue, by creating a battery that at the end of its life can be tested and remanufactured in order to be used in a secondary application. For example, from an EV to energy storage application.

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