Business Green Technology Awards Shortlisted for Circular Economy Innovation

Aceleron make Business Green Shortlist for Circular Economy Innovation of the Year.

Aceleron has been shortlisted for Circular Economy Innovation at the 2019 Business Green Technology Awards. Giving recognition to our serviceable, upgradable and recyclable lithium-ion batteries that we are building in Kenya. 

“Uhuru Kenyatta has committed the country to be entirely powered by renewable energy by 2020 and more than 70% of electricity is already delivered by renewable sources. However, the transformational benefits of access to clean power have not spread to the majority of Kenyans, with more than 80% of people still off-grid.”

We are empowering communities through up-skilling local engineers to perform testing procedures for waste batteries and build our repurposed battery packs in-country. In the first trial of 5000 cells tested 4,500 of these cells were suitable for reuse and have been used in the production of 150+ repurposed battery packs thus far.

We can’t wait to find out the result next month!


October 3, 2019