CLASP Global Leap Solar E-waste challenge kicks off this week!

Aceleron Kenya is excited to start the Solar E-waste project as part of the CLASP Global Leap Award we won earlier this year.

CLASP Global Leap Solar E-waste challenge kicks off this week!

After winning the CLASP Global Leap award back in February, and after a short delay due to COVID-19, we are excited to announce the beginning of the 2nd Global Leap Solar E-waste challenge. The $300,000 award will be used at Aceleron Kenya to focus on our product design and serviceable battery technologies.

Aceleron will be working with two implementing partners: WEEE Centre in Kenya and Enviroserve in Rwanda. This project aims to create access to high-performing second-life energy throughout Kenya and Rwanda for an initial period of 18 months. We plan to put more than 48,000 battery cells through our comprehensive testing protocols and build more than 1300 second-life battery packs to be used for energy storage.

This project will impact off-grid rural communities in Kenya and Rwanda providing them with an opportunity to access clean energy technology that will positively impact their lives. For example, increased electrification and access to efficient sources of light will provide more income-generating opportunities for rural smallholder businesswomen, by increasing their business operating hours. In addition, school children will have an opportunity to do their homework and study after school hours using clean energy and not alternative kerosene lamps that are harmful to their health.

We are thrilled to kick this project off and excited for this award to help us fulfil our mission to create access to affordable, reliable and high-performing energy storage applications in emerging markets across the world.