FleetNews mention: Recycling plan for electric vehicle batteries needed

Aceleron was mentioned in an article about the urgency to have a recycling plan for EV batteries in place.

Journalist Gareth Roberts explores the topic of another challenge we are facing in the transportation industry: the electrification of vehicles is creating battery waste and there is an urgent need to come up with solutions. Aceleron was mentioned as one of the companies focused on solving the battery waste problem:

“Aceleron is a clean tech company that designed its batteries with the circular economy in mind. The batteries can be repaired, upgraded, reused and recycled and are held together by compression rather than welding or glue, with the aim of being easily disassembled and reused, enabling 99% recyclability.”

Read the fill article here: https://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/environment/2019/11/11/recycling-plan-for-electric-vehicle-batteries-needed

November 11, 2019