FleetPoint mention: EV batteries could be ‘huge waste mountain of the future’

Dr Amrit Chandan’s comments on EV industry and its challenges.

EV Batterries

Sarah George from Edie expressing is expressing her concern that “The development and industrialisation of recycling technologies for end-of-life EV batteries is currently being outpaced by a boom of EV uptake, paving the way for a “huge waste management problem” in decades to come.”

Dr Amrit Chandan, CEO of Aceleron is responding:

“Electric vehicles are revolutionising the transport sector. This decarbonisation is crucial, but it is imperative we don’t create another ‘fossil fuel problem’ in the form of battery wastage. We need to harness innovative, circular-economy batteries to ensure the pioneering EV industry can grow successfully and sustainably.”

Read the full article here: https://www.fleetpoint.org/environment-news/ev-batteries-could-be-huge-waste-mountain-of-the-future

November 7, 2019