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The Times mention: Used electric car batteries will soon power homes

Aceleron featured in The Times newspaper. Environment Editor Ben Webster discussed our battery technology with CEO Amrit Chandan.

The Times mention: Used electric car batteries will soon power homes

Banks of car batteries from electric cars will be used to store power from wind farms, while individual units will be installed in homes GETTY Images

The Times article by Ben Webster features CEO Amrit Chandan discussing how the reusability of Aceleron’s battery technology is preventing future mountains of battery waste. The article highlights the recent partnership between Honda and Snam where the companies will be working together to recycle of hybrid vehicle batteries in Europe.  

Most [batteries] have a warranty lasting five to eight years depending on how well they are managed and how often recharged. Used batteries have 50 to 90 per cent of their original capacity, according to Aceleron, which makes batteries that are easier to reuse and recycle.
Amrit Chandan, its founder, said: “The decarbonisation of transport is critical, but we are currently solving one sustainability issue while ignoring another. Waste is the elephant in the room. By designing batteries for the circular economy from the outset, we can prevent mountains of battery waste from being created worldwide.”

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April 18, 2020