a battery for life

The world's most sustainable battery platform

What we do differently

We exist to bring sustainability and innovation to the industry by revolutionising traditional battery manufacturing methods with our patented battery technology, Circa, which represents the World’s first serviceable, upgradable and recyclable battery platform. Our advanced clean technology will help you positively impact our environment, economy and society. 

Industry Challenges

Growing energy storage

With a conscious moving away from fossil fuels and an increase in electric vehicles and hybrids there is a need to develop more clean technology solutions.

Increasing issues from
battery waste

Not all batteries are created equal, and very few lithium-ion batteries take sustainability into account. Traditional welding and glue assembly techniques make the recyclability or reuse of cells impractical and costly, leading to high rate of batteries in landfill.

Performance and reliability

The increasing demand for energy storage may encourage market players who value low-cost solutions at the cost of quality. Ultimately compromising on longevity and reliability.

Our solutions

Accelerating access
to Energy Storage

Our mission is to accelerate access to cleaner energy storage around the globe.

Built with people
and planet in mind

Our patented battery technology platform Circa is the base for all our products. A World First upgradable, repairable and recyclable battery.

Superior batteries
that outperform

Our technical team is constantly improving and optimising our patented technology to create reliable and serviceable solutions for a variety of applications.

A Unique Battery Technology

Our sustainable Circa battery platform uses a patented compression method instead of traditional welding and glueing methods. Our battery packs are built to be easily taken apart. This means if your needs change overtime you can make adjustments to upgrade the cells or other electrical components - giving your battery a new life. 

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