Aceleron partners with Amdaris to revolutionise sustainable battery management

Aceleron, the award-winning company specialising in sustainable battery technology, has joined forces with Amdaris, a leading software delivery specialist, to unlock the full potential of batteries through a synergy of hardware and software solutions.

Aceleron partners with Amdaris to revolutionise sustainable battery management

In response to the mounting issue of battery waste, Aceleron has developed and patented an innovative method for creating sustainable batteries that can be repaired and upgraded over time. Recognising the need for cutting-edge data utilisation, robust reporting mechanisms, and optimised inventory management, Aceleron has chosen to partner with Amdaris.

The collaboration between the two companies began in March 2021, with a focus on Aceleron's BATLAB – a self-sustained facility dedicated to building, servicing and repurposing batteries while reducing battery waste and emissions.

Aceleron's battery solutions find application in various sectors, including residential homes, boutique hotels, and light electric vehicles.

Amdaris is leveraging its software expertise to support Aceleron by creating tailored interfaces for end users, installers, repairers, and the Aceleron team. These interfaces provide valuable insights into CO2 emissions, cost savings, solar energy generation, and usage history. Moving forward, the partnership aims to develop a platform capable of remotely monitoring and managing battery performance.

Commenting on the collaboration, Carlton Cummins, CTO at Aceleron, stated:

“At Aceleron we needed a management tool that shows key battery information, and Amdaris has been intrinsic in implementing this vision. At Aceleron we have a lot of big milestones coming up, and the partnership with Amdaris is empowering us to build the framework we need to move towards a brighter, greener future.”

Andy Rogers, co-CEO at Amdaris, added:

“Aceleron has a fantastic mission which is helping communities around the world to save energy and be more sustainable. From boutique hotels in the Caribbean to electric motorcycles in Africa, the use cases are endless. Software is going to be a big part of Aceleron’s future, and we’re proud to be on this journey with them.”

Aceleron and Amdaris will be exhibiting at the Battery Cells & Systems Expo in Birmingham on 28th and 29th June 2023. The team will be available at stand 1020 and will present on the 28th at midday.

About Amdaris

Amdaris delivers innovative Software Development, Application Support Managed Services and Consultancy Services from their HQ in the UK and delivery centres in Eastern Europe, run by co-CEOs Andy Rogers and Vlad Nanu and backed by BGF. To find out more about Amdaris, visit the website here.