Aceleron making clean energy accessible in the Caribbean

Aceleron Caribbean - an advertorial in Barbados Today newspaper - partnering with local financial institutions to allow Barbadians to have greater access to renewable energy solutions.

Aceleron Caribbean is allowing Barbadians to have greater access to renewable energy solutions. In an advertorial in Barbados Today, Dr Amrit Chandan, CEO, explains the importance of offering financing options for home and business owners when it comes to being able to store their clean energy. He highlights the strong appetite for such technologies and the missing link that the Aceleron Offgen system provides. We have now partnered with three local financial institution including SigniaGlobe Finance, the Barbados Public Workers Cooperative Credit Union Limited (BPWCCUL), and CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, to offer renewable energy loans for clients interested in buying the Offgen Battery System.

Financial Services Representative, Credit Underwriting at BPWCCUL, Nicole Gibson, explained, "When we looked at the level of technology Aceleron is offering to Barbadians, it was quite impressive. It is one thing for us to have dreams and ideas of what we want to do, but having companies that are able to bring the how to the table, is very encouraging."

November 16, 2020