Offgen installation training will be available at Solar & Storage Live UK 18 – 20 Oct

Aceleron will be providing training on its serviceable, repairable and upgradable battery storage system, the Offgen at this year’s Solar & Storage Live show at the NEC, Birmingham.

Offgen installation training will be available at Solar & Storage Live UK 18 – 20 Oct

From 18 - 20 October 2022, installers visiting Solar & Storage Live UK will have the opportunity to learn how to fit Aceleron’s Offgen, the only battery-based energy storage system that has been built specifically so that it can be taken apart for servicing, maintenance, repair and upgrade as technology advances.

Brand new to the show this year, the Installer Training Hub will feature a battery and inverter wall, PV module and mounting installation rigs and the Installer Training Theatre, giving installers plenty of opportunities to get an in-depth understanding of how this renewable technology works as well as how it can be fitted in a variety of settings.

The Installer Training Theatre will feature Q&A sessions as well as live demonstrations to ensure that attendees leave the show with all the answers they need to be able to provide their customers with a new renewable energy system.

Aceleron experts will also be available on stand G62 to answer any further questions and provide a closer look at Aceleron’s Essential batteries, which are available individually as well as being the modular energy storage batteries used in the Offgen.

Energy storage as the new boiler - how does it work?

Using a battery energy storage system (BESS) combined with renewable technology such as solar enables energy to be stored as electricity that can provide space heating, hot water and power for every socket and appliance in the home. And, with EV sales steadily rising, this will also offset the power needed to charge the car(s) parked outside.

Energy storage systems such as this are designed for off-grid or grid-tied use in a residential or light commercial setting. This gives the building the chance to use the stored energy during the day and recharge the unit overnight, making use of cheaper tariffs.

These systems admittedly come with a reasonably large price tag but that is where Aceleron’s Offgen steals the limelight. Our energy storage system has been built so that every individual part can be removed for repair, replacement or upgrade - to keep up with advances in technology, expand the system’s lifespan and reduce the total cost of ownership.

With the correct servicing and maintenance from a qualified installer, there is no reason the unit can’t match the service life of solar PV - or even longer.

What are the main benefits?

Aside from increasing access to ‘free’ renewable energy, there are many reasons to invest in energy storage:

• It is often modular, so if demand for power or energy capacity increases, it is possible to just add more batteries without the upheaval, expense and waste of stripping everything out and starting again.

• Most energy storage systems have a similar footplate to existing boilers, so there is also no need to find extra space to house the unit.

• If connected, excess energy can be sold back onto the grid, giving the property owner a return on their investment and helping to decarbonise the grid at the same time.

• If the customer moves on, it is not difficult to disconnect the Offgen and install it in the new premises, meaning there is no need for reinvestment in a new system.

• It is a cleantech force ‘multiplier’; if a property has other clean technology installed, such as heat pumps, the renewable energy stored in the batteries can be used to power the heat pump - or other energy-efficient products.

Aceleron's co-founder & CTO, Carlton Cummins will be participating in 3 panel discussions:

1. Panel: Innovation in Energy Storage across Energy Systems (18 October, 11:40-12:20 within our Keynote/ Storage & Batteries theatre)

Amr Saleh, Smart Energy Innovation Programme Manager, BEIS

Frank Gordon, Director of Policy, The Association for Renewable Energy & Clean Technologies (REA)

Ed Porter, CCO, Modo Energy

Jeff Douglass, Markets and Analytics Manager, Invinity Energy Systems

Carlton Cummins, Cofounder & CTO, Aceleron

2.Panel: Built to Last- Getting the Most out of Renewable Technology (18 October, 13:40-14:00 within our Storage & Batteries/ Keynote theatre)

Carlton Cummins, Cofounder & CTO, Aceleron

Jeremy Yapp, Head of Flexible Energy Systems, BEAMA

Graham Oakes, Owner, Graham Oakes Ltd

Alex Schoch, Head of Flexibility, Octopus Energy

3. Panel: Which Battery Technologies Will Win, especially for Storage and for Supporting the Transition of the Grid to Renewables  (20 October, 14:20-14:40 within our Storage & Batteries/ Keynote theatre)

Thomas Maschmeyer, Professor of Chemistry, the University of Sydney

Tom Bailey, UK Distribution Manager, carbonTRACK UK

Carlton Cummins, Cofounder & CTO, Aceleron

Stephen Crosher, CEO, RheEnergise

Aceleron will also be on stand G62 throughout the show.

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