Alex Mwanzo

Battery Engineer

Alex is responsible for the design engineering processes at Aceleron, Kenya. This includes researching and designing the battery packs, the troubleshooting of faulty battery packs and repurposing. Alex ensures that all batteries on the production shop floor go through a process of safety & compliance before they are marked as a final, high quality product.

Prior to joining Aceleron, Alex began his career as an electrical vehicle engineer at, a Kenyan start- up that seeks to revolutionise transport in East Africa, by retrofitting cars with electric drive trains. Alex’s background enables him to always deliver a high-quality outcome whilst ensuring safety is always paramount when designing.

When he’s not at Aceleron: Alex relishes in equipping/ building rally and off- road cars for competitions as well as camping.

What you don’t know: Alex enjoys watching traffic and cars zoom by at night.

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