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Joseph Mungai

Country Operations Manager

Joseph Mungai joined Aceleron as an Operations Manager where he is responsible for managing day-to-day in-country operations and coordinating company projects. Prior to joining Aceleron, Joseph began his career in banking working for Barclays Bank of Kenya and later joined WomanCare Global, an INGO and Waysun Global, an energy company.  

Joseph holds a B.A. Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi and a MSc. Entrepreneurship and Innovations Management from the same university. He is also a member of the Social Entrepreneurs Association of Kenya.  

When he’s not at Aceleron: Joseph enjoys mountain climbing excursions and water sports.

What you don’t know: Joseph belongs to a group called – “eating your way out of this world”, where members sample crazy foods and share the experience with the group. Joseph’s latest foray saw him eating porcupine meat.

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