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Kiren Matharu

Marketing Assistant

Kiren’s role sees her involved across multiple aspects of marketing, including product marketing, social media and content creation. Her background and degree lie in the fields of Interior Design, Architecture and Graphic Design, which allow her to create a variety of engaging graphic content for our audience. Prior to joining us at Aceleron, Kiren fell into the role of Sales consultancy & Design, which allowed her to develop a strong attention to detail and meet the needs of customers.

When she’s not at Aceleron: Kiren enjoys hiking around waterfall trails; travelling around the world in search of forgotten architecture and finding abandoned places. She also enjoys starting new projects such as watercolour painting and jewellery making but never finishes because she gets distracted with something new!

What you don’t know: Kiren is currently mastering the art of writing/illustrating enthralling tales for the youngest pre-and emerging readers. She is also dabbling in the art of animation and plans to enliven her characters!

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