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Leigh Ingram

Head of Operations

Leigh is usually in the middle of all the things happening at Aceleron which means that she keeps the wheels from falling off! Leigh’s varied role sees her dealing with a range of functions including; HR, Corporate Governance and Health and Safety, to name a few.    

With so much going on, Leigh makes full use of her project management background. Her 15 years of experience offering support and advice to start-ups led Leigh to join Aceleron in January 2018. Leigh has a direct ‘no-nonsense’ attitude and loves to put her practical skills to use to solve problems and get involved. Leigh is legendary at Aceleron for her sass!  

When she’s not at Aceleron: Leigh is an avid player of Rummikub and is currently cultivating a collection of nectarines on her desk.

What you don’t know: Leigh once abseiled down Aston Villa football club and was on record breakers as a child in a grey velour jumpsuit and a bowl head haircut for helping to build the world's longest sand castle.

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