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Dr Paul Jennings

Data Scientist

At Aceleron, Paul is responsible for steering and implementing data acquisition and exploitation activities. Drawing insight from test data and streaming data from online packs, focusing on understanding battery ageing processes and forecasting pack lifetime in a given application.

Paul has a BSc in Forensic Science, an MSc in Molecular Modelling. He then completed a PhD in the field of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells and from there he held a number of postdoctoral positions at DTU and Stanford University focusing on search algorithms and machine learning applied to quantum mechanical modelling of chemical systems. Paul is also a member of the exclusive Aceleron Doctor’s Club.

Paul has been likened by many to the fictional characters; Adam Jensen, from the franchise Deus Ex, and Neo, from the Matrix film franchise. These comparisons really highlight Paul’s constant search for the truth and by the nature of his work, which is referred to by some less technical members of the team as ‘hacking the matrix’.

When he’s not at Aceleron: Paul doesn’t have any hobbies or life outside of Aceleron.

What you don’t know: Paul once Pogo’d down a Welsh hillside close to where he grew up without breaking any bones.

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