How will we heat our homes in the near future and what could that mean for installers?

June 13, 2022

“Energy storage holds the key to increasing our access to renewable energy, but we need to make sure that these products are going to stand the test of time,” says Carlton Cummins, CTO and co-founder of clean technology firm Aceleron.

With traditional boilers shortly being phased out, it is an interesting and, perhaps, uncertain time for installers in terms of what the alternatives will be and where the business opportunities lie - particularly for repeat business.

Energy storage is widely tipped to become the link that enables us to access increased amounts of renewably sourced energy, regardless of what the weather is doing. Meanwhile, we are all aware that we need to make the most of the Earth’s natural resources, ensuring that no material goes to waste before it has been used, and ideally, used again and again.

This is why we at Aceleron have designed and developed Offgen, a totally unique, all-in-one energy storage solution where every single part of the product, right down to the individual cells, can be removed for repair, upgrade or replacement - with replaced parts being repurposed or recycled.  

The benefits for the customer

Aceleron’s patented technology gives Offgen an extended lifespan in comparison to other solutions on the market, making it particularly appealing to a customer who wants a good return on their investment.  

The modular design of Offgen means that, should the energy needs of the property increase, their installer will be able to simply add more batteries to meet the demand - Offgen’s capacity currently ranges from 5.6 kWh to 11.2 kWh (from four to eight batteries).

By connecting to the grid, it is simple to exchange energy, charging the system at night when tariffs are cheaper and selling excess renewable energy to the grid for use elsewhere.

Additionally, if a customer moves house, they will be able to call their installer to detach the cabinet and move it with them - making Offgen quite literally a product for life.

What installers need to know about Offgen

Offgen is an all-in-one modular and scalable system which comes with an inverter and built-in isolators. It is extremely easy to install and can be connected to both renewable technology such as solar or GSHP’s and the grid.

Like a boiler, Offgen needs to be regularly serviced and maintained in order to ensure it delivers optimal performance. This provides installers with the opportunity to build up repeat business, offering servicing and maintenance packages in the same way as is currently offered for boilers. Offgen’s unique design allows for advances in technology as each component can be removed for upgrade, with older parts being repurposed for second life products.

Offgen’s footplate is similar in size to that of a boiler and can be situated either inside or outside the building but will ideally need to sit on the floor. With integrated remote monitoring capabilities, users have the ability to check the system’s status, monitor the solar/grid inputs/outputs, send maintenance requests and receive updates.

Aceleron’s entire proposition is to reduce the waste of our Earth’s natural resources whilst providing more access to renewable energy and Offgen delivers on these goals.

If you want to know more, come and visit us at InstallerSHOW 2022, 21 - 23 June at the NEC Birmingham where we’ll be on stand A188.