Partnership with Resilience energy to deliver energy storage in new build homes in Stevenage, UK

August 27, 2020

Home energy storage is an essential part of the green transition and is key for the future of sustainable homes. As energy prices continue to increase electricity consumption in the home is a growing concern for individuals. Renewable energy will of course be the cornerstone on which we 'Build Back Better'. However, due to their intermittency, renewable energy technologies need the support of battery storage for when the sun isn’t shining, and wind isn’t blowing. The Offgen allows monitoring of electricity usage in real-time, to allow control of when and how you use your energy. The 8 kWh energy storage system ensures greater energy security and resilience in the face of extreme weather or power outages. 

The Challenge: Transforming urban living with clean energy technology 

·     Resilience energy’s client had 4 properties at a new build estate which he wanted to make as sustainable as possible.

·     In most cases installing an energy storage solution is the future homeowner’s choice.

·     Above all, the customer wanted a sustainable energy solution.  

·     Need an energy storage solution that is durable and lasts as long as the pre-existing solar PV investment.

 The Outcome: Project Delivery in steps

·     Aceleron worked with partners Resilience Energy who were able to offer a pre-site visit.

·     For the Offgen installation Aceleron worked with certified electrical installers Carter Sullivan.

·     Aceleron provided a trained battery engineer onsite to commission the Offgen unit upon electrical installation.

·     The Offgen was fitted using standard electrical components to make installation easier and faster.

·     All components (inverter, batteries, battery management system, data monitoring) stored within a single compact box.

·     Installation inside the home is not an issue; the compact size of the single box means safety and noise pollution are taken care of

Key Benefits of Aceleron’s Offgen system

·     Battery product which can be serviced, repurposed and upgraded for a fully sustainable product.

·     20+ year lifespan, serviceable solution matching the lifespan of your solar PV investment.

·     The Offgen reduces energy costs by minimising peak demand charges.

·     With this system the integration of renewable energy from solar is easy.

·     Provides energy security as batteries ensure that every unit of energy generated is put to use.

·     UK manufacturing supporting local economies.

·     Remote battery monitoring predictive intelligence system sending real-time performance data.

·     Durable one box solution so can be installed indoors/outside.

Aceleron provides a sustainable energy storage solution that is designed to last as long as your solar PV investment. UK manufacturing and easy fast installations for any certified electrician allows us to provide excellent customer service. The Offgen is a sleek energy storage solution that can fit seamlessly into your new home.